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Preaching Jesus to the world. Jesus is still in the business of transforming lives and

to bring healing for Spirit, body and soul.

Jesus 'Grace' changes everything

Pastor / revivalist Teunis Dekker with this wife Sherly Dekker

Pastor Teunis Dekker is also a church planter pastor. In 2021 he started a new church in the city of Groningen the Netherlands. The church name is Bethel Pentecostal Fellowship, so he is both a pastor and a revivalist.

He has founded and coached several churches in the past. He also has a great compassion for Indonesia and the USA, where he regularly goes for preaching, teaching, healing and revival crusades.

Our pastor is married to Sherly Dekker. She is originally from Indonesia. We call her our 'First Lady'. She has a master's degree in law and a master's degree as a marketing analyst. She obtained this last master's degree in the United States and continued to live there after her studies and became an American citizen. Our 'First Lady' has a great compassion for the world and she also wants to reach the Indonesian community in the Netherlands with the good news of the gospel. Her ministry is in the area of ​​prayer and cooking. She is a real prayer warrior. With the latter she supports her husband Pastor Teunis Dekker and there congregation.

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